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6. 3. 2021
Dlouhý trénink...🙆 Peggy stačí na prošití 1500 metrůMedvědovi na prošití 3000 metrů.Tak kdo že je to vlastně efektivnější? 🤷 Za míň metrů, víc muziky 😂#livigno @tilak_clothes @_edgarpower_ @sensfoods @rock_point @inov8_czech_slovakia
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Corona of Himalayas: 120.000+ VERTICAL METERS AND 3.000+ KILOMETRES

When: April 19th - May 30th 2021

Where: 14 iconic Alpine climbs - Stelvio, Alpe d Huez, Monte Zoncolan and others (see below)

Riders: Pavel Paloncý & Peggy Marvanová


What will we do?

We will climb the height of Mt. Everest - 8848 meters, on each of 14 of Alpine climbs. Normally, we would get an imaginary crown of the Himalayas, but since without the coronavirus pandemic, this event would probably not have occurred, we called it the Corona of the Himalayas.

Challenge, where you climb the height of Mt. Everest by repeatedly climbing a single hill is called Everesting. We already finished this challenge last October and because we enjoyed it, we decided to do more, to raise to the power of "Himalayas".


6 weeks...

We will be riding for 1 day and then have 2 days for rest, recovery, transfer to the next climb and preparation. So the whole project will take 6 weeks ( 3 days x 14 peaks = 42 days = 6 weeks).


What more will we do?

In addition to the climbs themselves, which is a hard on its own, there will be many other activities going on at the same time. Throughout the event, we will examine how human metabolism behaves under such stress, so we will continuously measure blood glucose levels and compare it with what we have eaten.

We got connected with the charity Dobrý Anděl (Good Angel) and we will support children who have had a harder time in life. We also got connected with the EPP app and we will send points for a good cause during and after the event.

We've come up with a lot of ideas and want to make them happen, but we're not alone. All the time we will be on site with friends and partners who will take care of us during our ride and will keep you posted through our profiles on social networks.

And we will record the whole event and share the video with you.


How it all started?

In the fall of 2020, Peggy and me completed Everesting on Dlouhé Stráně - first on foot and then by bike. We liked the whole thing and during our ride we got the idea to go for the Crown of the Himalayas. Utter nonsense. But it was so good piece of nonsense that we liked it a lot. We got few more stupid ideas and there was no going back. We fine-tuned the details, such as which climbs will do, how much time it will take and set to work.

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