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Korona Himálaje - 14x Everesting - report z poloviny
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27. 5. 2021
When I first came to New Zealand I didn’t own  hiking boots. I hiked everywhere in shit Nike trainers. I went home, told my dad and he frog marched me to a shop and bought me an early Christmas present. My first ever pair of hiking boots. 

It kick started my obsession with hiking. I would strap on my boots and head to the hills as much as possible. Five years on, I sit on a pro hiking team, hike for fun, for work and for an escape. 

I’ve got a good list going already for this season…
-Alex Knob
-McKenzie Hut
-Gertrude Saddle
-Nelson Lakes
-Mt Fyfee 
-Brewster Hut
-Mueller (of course) 
And the Milford track 

I don’t know if i will ever be able to put into words how packing a bag, lacing up my boots and heading in to the hills makes me feel. Maybe just take a look at my face, that tells it all.

Where are you heading this season? Tell me here so I can add them to my list👇🏻
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What makes you feel good? Is it a FaceTime with friends or family, Is it exercise, hiking, fresh air, binge watching a series on Netflix or consuming your body weight in chocolate? Whatever it is, cut yourself some slack in these difficult times and do something for you!
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This was the only view we got on our 22km hike, but at least it was a good one 😅

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This week holds two moments of importance for me. First up, it takes me back seven years when I met my love for the very first time and second, it’s the week we emerged into level 2 in New Zealand. It’s the week I could safely leave the house and our team of five million went back to work and embarked on our ‘new normal’ It’s also the week I cried the hardest, it’s the week I panicked about my business, my life and sat with everything I had built crumbling around me. It’s the day I went on my first ever solo hike, I hiked high into the hills of Arrowtown, alone, crying because I couldn’t bring myself to go home with nothing to do. 

Robbie had gone back to work, so had my employed friends. I was so scared, I felt like everything was a still falling apart even though our country was coming out on top. 

It was also this week that I made a plan. The book I had been writing in lockdown to keep my passion and creativity alive was now to be my focus. I’ve never used the word pivot before you you bet I wrote that word so large on a piece of paper and manifested a sustainable, enjoyable, new business that worked for me. 

It’s been 12 months in the making and I’m now only a month away from launching more of my passion into the universe. I’ve spent the past year perfecting my systems, gaining valuable knowledge and testing this out in the form of workshops, 1:1’s and more… I’m nearly ready team and I’m finally excited because I tell you something, I never, ever want to feel like Soph 12 months ago… thank you for your patience and your support, it truly means the world to me ✨
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Jakých bylo Prvních 7 Everestingů? Na cestě jsme už přes měsíc, trochu jsme si zavzpomínali a shrnuli, i s obrazem, jaká vlastně ta první sedma byla! A věřte mi, bylo na co vzpomínat… A to jsme teprve v polovině. 😀

Navštívili jsme Itálii i Francii, Alpy i Dolomity, prošli si lepšími i horšími momenty. Kde nám bylo nejlépe a kde naopak nejhůře? Jestli nás to pořád baví nebo jsme se chtěli na to všechno už dávno vykašlat? To všechno  i něco navíc se dozvíte v tomto videu. Mějte se a držte nám palce do další sedmy.


!!! V rámci projektu probíhá dobročinná SBÍRKA na neurorehabilitační léčbu pro děti!!!​​

Srdečně děkujeme všem dárcům.

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